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Star Fund

Camp Rosenbaum is excited to launch an education savings program for our campers! The Star Fund is a special savings account for campers that they can use after they graduate high school. Camp Rosenbaum will set aside money for campers and we will add to the account every year after the camper finishes a grade of school. After high school graduation, we’ll send the money to the college, vocational school, or training program the child chooses to help them get a start on their future!

Research shows that starting kids with financial education and savings early in life can have positive impacts on their future. Children with money saved for college tend to do better in school, with higher math and reading scores. These children are also more likely to enroll in college and four times more likely to graduate.

Children begin to think about their futures as early as elementary school. Camp Rosenbaum hopes to help children build positive expectations for their future and to support them as they follow their paths to success!

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