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Board of Directors

Statement from Camp Rosenbaum Fund Board of Directors

June 9, 2020

The Camp Rosenbaum Fund Board of Directors condemns the inexcusable actions in Minneapolis that resulted in the death of George Floyd, as well as countless other instances of racist violence in our nation.  This tragedy and the ensuing demonstrations across the country implore that we examine our own shortcomings, have tough conversations, and find ways to better serve our community.

In celebrating 50 years of Camp Rosenbaum, we recognize that the rich diversity of our campers is one of our greatest strengths.  We are proud of the work we do and must continue to be proactive and intentional in service to our campers.

The Camp Rosenbaum Fund Board commits to:
1. Enhance the diversity of our board of directors, leadership and staff, ensuring we are reflective of the children we serve at our camps
2. Build on our training so that our staff can address and facilitate difficult conversations about race and bias with our campers
3. Listen to our staff, partners, families and supporters about how we can best serve our community
4. Finalize our Equity and Inclusion Policy to serve as the foundation of our work
5. Expand upon our existing programs focused on good citizenship and building community

We stand against the systemic racism, violence and oppression of Black, Indigenous and People of Color, as well as any who might be perceived to be different.  We are proud to serve a diverse group of young people and it is our responsibility to make sure our actions send a clear message: that we value them all.  We stand for community.  We stand for healing.  We stand for change.

Camp Rosenbaum Board of Directors

Sara Perkins, President
Oregon Air National Guard, Retired

Lori Rosenbaum Krasnowsky, Vice President
Image Matters Promotions

Brian Kroeller
Oregon Air National Guard

Doreen Binder
Community Volunteer

Jami Resch
Portland Police Bureau

Don Clermont

Leslie Crehan
Home Forward

Jim Cunningham
Community Volunteer

Shelly Davison
Oregon Air National Guard

Carolina Gomez
Home Forward

Trevor Kitchen
Tidewater Environmental Services

Arnie Leppert
Community Volunteer

Cliff Madison
Community Volunteer

Greg Matthews
Community Volunteer

Roy Pittman
Community Volunteer

Mark Rosenbaum
Rosenbaum Financial, Inc.

Sara Rosenbaum
Castaway Portland

Mike Rowe
Beaverton Police Department

Kelli Sheffer
Community Volunteer

Rena Whittaker
Polallie, LLC dba BeingTribal

Trina Ledbetter
Community Vollunteer

Crystal Kroeller, Program Director
Camp Rosenbaum

Douglas Grim, Legal Counsel
Brownstein Rask LLP